"Knowledge is Power"

     (scientia potestas est)

                         Sir Francis Bacon 1597

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COVID Risk Scoring

At Onsite COVID-19 Testing, we have a clinically evidence-based COVID surveillance strategy to mitigate individual and aggregate risk.  This program is specialized, customized and tailored to the needs of your workforce. 


Possible Risk Factors

  • Age

  • Race/ethnicity

  • Gender

  • Some medical conditions

  • Use of certain medications

  • Poverty and crowding

  • Certain occupations

  • Pregnancy

Why Risk Factors Matter

People with risk factors may be more likely to need hospitalizations or intensive care if they have COVID-19 or they may be more likely to die of the infection.  It is important to learn about risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness because it can help you:

  • Take precautions as you go about your daily life and attend events

  • Better understand how a medical condition could affect your own health if you get sick with COVID-19

  • Anticipate medical treatment that you might need if you get sick

  • Reduce your risk for severe COVID-19 illnesses by managing any conditions you might have that are risk factors

*source: CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention